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Rhonda Devlin Faith Based Counselor for Fort Wayne

One day, while sitting in my women's faith based counseling session with a dear client of mine I was asked, “Rhonda, why do you do what you do?”

We had just been discussing the various hats that I wore, the countless hours I spent pouring into others, and the many things I found myself involved in.

She marveled over the fact that I didn’t just have a private practice that I owned where I am an RN, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified Faith-based Therapist, Licensed Minister, and Certified Life Coach, but that I also home-schooled.

She joked with me that I appeared to be like Wonder Woman-- bold, strong, kind, and full of a love that was beyond an Earthly quality.

I humbly laughed, thanked her for the beautiful compliment and explained that suffering can produce a victim OR a surviving individual that is compelled to live a life that breaks the container of oppression and produce a different story.

Hi, I am Rhonda Devlin. I have a passion to help people in their quest for comprehensive healing- mind, body, and soul. With 20+ years of professional experience, I utilize my various educational skills, training tools, and resources needed for individuals, family systems, and a variety of other group settings to assist in reaching their goals in journeying toward complete wellness.

I have traveled down a long road of trauma, abuse, and health issues personally, so I am able to empathize with my clients and walk a mile in their shoes as we work together. I have discovered victory and healing for myself, therefore I not only bring a professional perspective, but also a personal one while working with my clients.

I honor each of my clients' unique, remarkable, complex, individual issues and understand that not everyone fits in one specific box. Therefore, I believe that comprehensive care is a necessity. I am able to accomplish this by wearing the many hats that I am qualified to wear through the degrees, licenses, and certifications I have received, which includes: 

• Faith-Based Therapist, Board Certified 
• Psychology, BS 
• Licensed Minister 
• Registered Nurse 
• Functional Medicine Practitioner 
• Certified Life/Wellness Coach 

I am married and have two amazing children whom I have home-schooled all their lives. Some of my hobbies include working out, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I love a good joke, enjoy experiencing the zest of living well, and have an insatiable curious nature that drives me to learn, study, and experience all the flavors this life offers.

I've been told my enthusiasm for life is contagious and the very essence of who I am inspires those who know me. I am humbly honored to be given the privilege to assist and walk with others on their healing journey.

WHY I am participating in Angelina's 100 Enterprising Women's Book:

“Women need women to encourage, mentor, inspire, challenge, champion, and shepherd one another. Angelina's 100 Enterprising Women's book presents me with the honor of pouring into the lives of others. Growing together in the sisterhood I would not want to miss! Thank you, Angelina for your heart and creative ways that help unite women across the world! “ 




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